Review Journal Las Vegas Business Press

December 2016

“UNLV’s School of Dental Medicine offers clinical experience”



University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine

May 2014 & May 2016

Commencement Speaker

Nevada Dental Association Journal

Summer 2011

Article, With Dr. Bill Bloink:

“ Heads Up”

Nevada Dental Association Journal

Quarterly Editorials



February 2006

“Tips on Handling Professional Interviews”


As Stomatologii || Ace of Dentistry  

(Polish Dental Magazine)     

June 2004

“Who needs a cleaning, anyway?”


       Journal of the American Dental Association    (JADA)   

July 2002

“Warm Up and Wrap Up”


             Dentistry Today          

   November 2001

     “Is Anyone Really Watching You”


        Dental Town Magazine    

  June 2001

   Get Rid of Recall?  No Way!

    Co-written with Sally McKenzie

               Dentistry Today          

      October 2000

          “Dentists, Give It Up” 


            Dental Practice & Finance     

        November/December 1997

           “Miles of Smiles” Winner of Annual Writing Contest


               Dental Success Magazine        

          March 1997

           “Digest This”

         Dental Prospects

            (1-800-DENTIST Newsletter)

            1991 – 1997

           Over fifty articles published

                  Dental Success Magazine         

           May 1996

           “Success in Dentistry”

                Dental Economics Magazine    

           November 1995

               “The Five “R’s” of Internal Marketing”